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Typically, when property owners think about property damage, they usually list natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Sometimes, fire even makes its way onto that list. However, one of the leading causes of property damage is missing from many of these lists. In the United States, termite infestations result in around $5 billion of property damage each year. This is partially because these insects tend to remain undetected until it’s too late and they’ve already eaten their way through something in your home.

If you suspect you’re dealing with a termite infestation, turn to the experts at Frame’s Pest Control. We’ve been providing effective termite control in Ann Arbor since 1972. Part of what makes our service offering unique is that we’re Associate Certified Entomologists, which gives us unique insights into the habits and hiding spots of termites. This also enables us to identify exactly what type has made your property their home (and dinner!) so we can develop a customized plan that will completely rid your home of them and prevent the pesky termites from returning.

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A Bit of Important Information on Termites

In addition to looking very similar to ants, termites also behave similarly. Much like ants, they live in colonies with different termites having different roles.

Most of these roles require the termites to remain hidden within the colony. For example, much like the ant, a queen termite is only responsible for reproducing and laying millions of eggs to continue to populate the colony. The king’s only purpose is to mate with the queen. As their name might imply, soldier termites are supposed to protect the colony from any invasions or threats. Because they have wings, swarmer termites are responsible for venturing from the colony in search of new spots to develop colonies. And, last but certainly not least, the purpose of worker termites is to spend 24/7 foraging for food which they then eat and regurgitate to feed the colony. Appetizing, right?

Termites feed on detritus, such as wood and drywall, and this is what causes the severe damage to your property.

Common Signs of a Termite Infestation

One thing that can make termite control difficult is the fact that there are four species of termites, each with varying habitats and habits. However, there are certain universal signs that indicate an infestation.

We recommend calling our Ann Arbor termite control specialists if you notice:

  • Cracks in cornices and door jams
  • Timber that sounds hollow
  • Dust-like or sand pellets throughout your home
  • Shed wing piles on glass doors or windowsills
  • Broken windowsills or skirtings
  • It’s difficult to open windows or doors due to swollen or puffy wood

Our Termite Control Treatment Methods

At Frame’s Pest Control, we never begin any treatment before thoroughly inspecting your property. This enables our Ann Arbor termite control technicians to identify whether you have a subterranean, drywood, or another type of termite infestation and determine the best approach to effectively rid your property of them and prevent them from ever returning.

Depending on our findings, we might suggest:

  • Fumigation: This is the most effective treatment method if you have drywood termites. During fumigation, we release toxic gas that can penetrate wood and kill termites at any stage of their lifecycle throughout your property. Because of the strength of the chemicals, we recommend that you, your pets, your family members, your employees, and/or your guests must remain away from the property for at least 72 hours.
  • Sentricon® termite baiting system: We are one of the only pest control companies in the area to use this method of eliminating termite colonies. Our technicians will place these baiting stations throughout your property. Termites prefer this bait 10 times more than wood. Whenever a worker termite comes into contact with a bait station, it becomes covered in a toxin called noviflumoron, which prevents termites from molting and eventually kills them. As worker termites share the locations of these bait stations, more and more termites are affected and soon the entire colony is eradicated.
  • Soil treatment: This treatment method is great for subterranean termites. Seeping deep into your soil, it kills any current underground colonies and prevents them from forming.
  • Chemical foundation barrier treatment: If we go with this method, our technicians will drill holes four inches apart throughout the interior of your home and six inches apart across the exterior of your property. We then fill these holes with toxic chemicals, which will provide you with lasting protection and prevention against termites.

We’re Passionate About What We Do

At Frame’s Pest Control, we love seeing our customers happy which is why we’re dedicated to doing anything in our power to assist them. Unlike other companies that may resort to one-solution-fits-all methods, we tailor each of our services to your specific pest control need. We know that life can be crazy and hectic, which is why we offer same-day appointments and flexible scheduling so you can get the issue handled when it’s most convenient for you.

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