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Are you dealing with a raccoon problem under your house? Do birds keep leaving droppings around your yard? Or maybe a groundhog is ruining your garden?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, make sure to call Frame’s Pest Control. We offer expert wildlife control in Ann Arbor for a range of species. Our technicians offer a number of methods, so no matter what nuisance animal you are dealing with, we will be able to take care of it safely and efficiently. We guarantee our services, so you don’t have to worry about getting long-lasting results. And with over 125 years of experience backing us up, it’s no wonder so many homeowners in the area trust us when they need wildlife control. Call today to request a free estimate, and remove those unwanted guests ASAP.

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Our Wildlife Control Options

Wildlife control is a specific subsection within the larger pest control industry, and many pest control providers are not equipped to perform it. Instead of using gasses, poisons, or other extermination methods, wildlife control companies use humane methods to not only rid your property of unwanted animals, but also to ensure they do not return in the future. Our Ann Arbor wildlife control professionals offer exclusion as well as live-trapping and removal, and are even trained to extract birds from vents. We promise, when you hire Frame’s Pest Control to take care of your wildlife problem, you’ll receive the best results for humans and animals alike.

Our humane Ann Arbor wildlife control services include:

  • Bird Control: While the presence of a few birds occasionally flying past your property is nothing to be concerned about, large flocks that leave droppings and create nests can be a major problem. Larger birds, such as geese, can also be very aggressive, while many different species are known to carry parasites, such as ticks. At Frame’s, we can provide bird control to get rid of those feathered friends disrupting your property from the outside in addition to removal of birds that may have built a nest in your attic or vents.
  • Racoon Control: Known as the bandits or “trash pandas” of the pest world, raccoons might seem cute from a distance but nobody wants to deal with them up close. These critters carry diseases like rabies, and can easily tear up your home, causing expensive structural damage. Also, while it might be fun to joke about, cleaning up the mess raccoons leave from digging through your garbage is basically the complete opposite of fun.
  • Possums: Possums leave behind a strong smell and make alarming grunting and hissing noises. Watch out for signs that you have a possum on your property, since possum infestations often lead to destroyed shingles, soffit, and siding. Possums also leave behind nasty droppings, and of course, can cause quite a fright when they play dead.
  • Skunks: While skunks are actually far less threatening than many pests, you obviously don’t want them spreading their smell around your property. If a skunk gets scared and sprays you, you could literally spend weeks trying to get rid of the odor. They also spread rabies, dig through trashcans, and occasionally leave holes in your lawn.
  • Groundhogs: It is fairly common to find groundhogs around farmhouses, or other large properties where they have a field to make a home in. Sometimes, however, these winter-predicting pests can also dig up gardens and landscaping, ruining grass, plants, and flowers. You do not want to hesitate to get rid of destructive groundhogs, especially since they can also carry rabies. The underground tunnels groundhogs dig can be complex, however, so make sure to hire experienced professionals when it comes time to evict these little fellows.

You'll Go Wild for Frame's Pest Control!

In addition to free estimates, our family-owned and operated Ann Arbor wildlife control company also provides free inspections upon request. Take advantage of this special offer today, and we will waive your dispatch fees. We also offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy life and always provide honest, upfront rates that you can trust.

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