Is Your Home Rodent Proofed for Winter?

Wintertime is usually when animals go into hibernation—including the obnoxious insects, such as mosquitoes, that we all work so hard to avoid during the hot and humid summer months. While this is true for many animals, it, unfortunately, isn’t true for all.

Many of us are familiar with the famous Christmastime poem that states, “not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” And while we wish this was true, rodent infestations seem to be the most common pest problems during the winter. That’s why our pest control technicians at Frame's Pest Control, Inc. have compiled some helpful tips to prevent these creatures from making your home their winter getaway.

Why Keeping Rodents Out Is So Important

a brown mouse in the snow

Although you might find mice and rats cute, these critters can pose serious threats to your health and safety. Rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents are known carriers of many diseases that are transmitted via direct contact or through their droppings. Additionally, these animals can potentially introduce other infestations into your home, such as fleas. Not only do you have to worry about the fleas, but if a flea bites a rodent with a disease, they can easily spread it to both you and your pets.

Rodents are also known to cause serious property damage. Because they seek out warm places to hide from the cold winter temperatures, they tend to chew through your walls to burrow in your insulation. They are also known for chewing through wires, which could put you at a serious risk for a fire.

Helpful Rodent Proofing Tips

One of the reasons rodent infestations are more prevalent in the winter is because these animals seek shelter, warmth, and food, which your property can provide them. However, by doing just a few extra housekeeping steps, you can help keep your home rodent free.

Our suggestions include:

  • Seal all of your food and make sure that you properly clean up any crumbs. This includes thoroughly sweeping the areas under your cabinets and refrigerator. Mice and rats are particularly attracted to cat and dog food, which is often overlooked, so it’s important that you don’t leave it out when your furry friends are not enjoying it.
  • Mice and rats are skilled at finding their way through the tiniest of holes. Because of this ability, it’s important that any opening larger than a quarter inch is properly sealed. We recommend that you check your window screens for any tears or holes and repair them ASAP, use wire mesh to seal cracks within your walls or foundation, use mesh and caulk to properly enclose any gaps around pipes, and secure a chimney cap because rodents possess excellent climbing abilities.
  • Properly store your firewood so that it’s inaccessible to rodents. Unfortunately, firewood makes a great hiding spot for mice and rats. We recommend keeping piles at least 18 inches from the ground and stored as far away from your property as possible.
  • Consider adding a brush or sweep strip to your exterior doors. Many doors in the Toledo and Ann Arbor areas have small gaps underneath them. In order to prevent rodents from getting in through them, you can install these strips which close the gap. As an added bonus, they also help seal your property so it stays warmer in the winter and works more efficiently.
  • Remove any and all clutter around your home. Mice and rats are excellent at hiding and having lots of clutter presents them with more and more spaces to dip behind and between. If you do have any stored items, try to store them off the ground so they’re more difficult for rodents to access and hide within.
  • Keep up with your landscaping. Tree branches and overgrown vegetation are two ways in which rodents can enter your home, especially your attic or roof. Make sure you remove any piles of leaves from your front or back yard and rid your lawn of any weeds as they are both excellent hiding spots for pesky rodents.

How Frame's Pest Control, Inc. Can Help

In addition to the prevention methods you can do, our team can also assist you by placing tamper-proof bait stations or traps throughout your property. Our removal methods are as safe and humane as possible.

There’s no need to squeak or squeal because you’ve spotted a mouse in your house! Instead, call (419) 475-6055 or contact us online for expert, affordable service. We have flexible scheduling options and provide residential, commercial, and agricultural rodent control throughout Ann Arbor and Toledo.