Front door decorated for the holidays

Don’t Let the Pests Come Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us! It’s a time for joy, thanks, and spending time with friends and family. In some homes, their front door is a revolving with new loved ones coming in and out every day to share their season’s greetings and love, but there’s one group you’ll never want to allow into your home, and that’s pests.

Cold weather has set in, making it harder and harder for insects and animals to find food to eat and shelter to keep them warm, so instead of looking for refuge in nature, they’ll turn to your home.

A pest infestation is a disaster for anyone at any time, but especially when you’re looking forward to having friends and family stay with you. This is why we’ve put together a helpful guide to inform you about the most common winter pests, tips for preventing an infestation, and tricks for removing them from your home. Keep reading for all of our most valued tips!

Which Pests are Common in the Winter?

Some pests you have to worry about year-round; others are more common to find in the winter. Here’s a list of common winter pests to look out for:

Preventing Winter Pests

The best way to prevent a pest infestation in your home is to sign up for a Preventative Pest Control Program. At Frame's Pest Control, Inc., we offer several different types of pest prevention programs, all to fit your needs and your price point. Don’t wait until animals are overrunning your house to call in the professionals.

How to Prevent Christmas Tree Pests

It is hard to beat the smell of a freshly cut evergreen tree during the holiday season. But did you know that you could be inviting spiders, beetles, mites, and aphids into your home when you bring in that freshly cut tree?

Here’s how we recommend preventing holiday pests:

  • Ensure that all spiders and insects are dislodged by shaking the tree thoroughly

  • Look for egg cases on the branches and remove them

  • Look for bird nests and remove them, since they may contain mites

You should also avoid spraying your tree with pesticides using aerosols. Aerosols are highly flammable, so they could be more harmful than good. A lack of food usually leads to insects dying within days and they can be vacuumed up once they fall from the tree.

Don't forget to check potpourri or dried flowers that are used in holiday decorations. All those leftovers and goodies need to be tightly sealed to prevent roaches and rodents from enjoying them! Take out your trash at least once a day.

How to Eliminate Pests in the Winter

If it’s too late for prevention and you already have an active infestation in your home, then there are no options left but to call a professional team for pest control. At Frame's Pest Control, Inc., we understand the workings of all pests from rodents, to bugs, to wildlife infestations, and we’ll come up with a plan to quickly eliminate them.

Contact our team today for more information about our pest control services. Either visit our website or call us at (419) 475-6055.