Other Places Bed Bugs Could Be Hiding

It doesn’t take a scientific expert to figure out why bed bugs got their name. These pesky insects are attracted to the body heat humans give off. And since we as humans spend a large number of our days in bed, it’s the best spot for us to become an easy target. But what about other spots around the house? Unfortunately, bed bugs could be hiding in other places. Four other common spots where bed bugs are found include large furniture pieces, rugs, laundry hampers, and nightstands.

1. Furniture

Just like how humans lay down in bed for extended periods, we also tend to spend a lot of time on living room furniture pieces like couches. In the same way that bed bugs are attracted to our beds, they’re also attracted to these types of large furnishings. Not to mention, some pieces like couches and recliners have numerous cracks and crevices for these insects to burrow in and get cozy. While it’s a bit disturbing to think that a bed bug population could be growing while you watch T.V., it’s just another reason why you should have a regular pest control check done on your residence.

2. Rugs

When bed bugs are in the process of moving from one household object to the next, they usually do so by travelling on ground surfaces. Although they can occasionally hitch free rides on small items like electronic devices, these disturbing insects are usually on the run inside the seams of floor mats or rugs. While keeping your ground surfaces clean can help keep bed bugs away, sometimes there’s only so much a vacuum and carpet cleaner can do. However, a trained pest control professional can assess your ground surfaces and advise you with the right approach to ensure these corridors are less attractive to insects.

3. Laundry Hampers

Just as we cover ourselves with sheets in bed at night, we also cover ourselves with all types of clothing garments during the day. This is why a lot of homeowners tend to find bed bugs in places where their dirty clothes gather. Bed bugs will journey to any place where there’s a trace of human activity. A laundry hamper leaves a significant trace of body heat for these bugs. And while it may not seem like a huge threat – dirty clothes go straight into the washer – it could pose a threat to surrounding objects (dressers, closet shelves, clean clothes hanging nearby).

4. Nightstands

Where will bed bugs travel after nesting in your bed? The nearest object. What’s usually the closest piece of furniture to your bed? A nightstand. While it may not seem like the worst place to find bed bugs, a nightstand infestation can lead to damaged goods in or around the nightstand. Once bed bugs intrude your nightstand, they could transport on items like your phone, tablet, watch, etc. Shutting down bed bugs from sources like a nightstand can help eliminate the possibilities of these insects appearing in other places.

Eliminating the Bed Bug Nightmare

There’s nothing worse than discomfort when you’re sleeping. Whether you know it or not, bed bugs could be the reason you’re restless when you sleep. For more information on how to identify bed bugs, click here.

At Frame’s Pest Control, Inc., our team is committed to giving our customers peace of mind that they can sleep without the thought of pests roaming around their homes. Whether you’re dealing with a large bed bug infestation or looking to prevent one in the future, contact us today!