mouse chewing electrical wiring

Why Do Rodents Chew So Much?

If you’ve ever dealt with a rodent infestation, you’ve also dealt with rodent damage. Rodents, such as rats and mice, are known to cause extensive property damage by chewing through just about anything they can get their paws on. From electrical wires to insulation to walls, there aren’t many objects that are considered to be off limits to rodents. Rats and mice chew on things to accomplish more than just feeding themselves. Have you ever stopped to wonder why that is? Continue reading to learn three of the main reasons why rodents chew so much.

Maintaining Their Incisors

Rodents have incisors—narrow teeth at the front of their mouth—that continuously grow. Without proper maintenance, these teeth can either grow into their brains or grow so long that they cannot get food into their mouths. Rats and mice must gnaw on things every day in order to prevent their teeth from growing out of control. Their constant chewing actually helps them to survive.

Creating Entrance Holes

It is in a rodent’s nature to explore its environment in search of food, shelter, and warmth. Because of this, they will do whatever they can to make their exploration easier and more successful. That is why it is common to see rats and mice chew holes through walls, floorboards, and roofs in an effort to find the perfect hiding/nesting spot.

Building Nests

Female rodents build nests out of just about anything they can find, including insulation, wood, electrical wires, paper, and fabric. They will chew through these things until they gather enough warm material to build a proper nest.

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