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Let’s face it, as soon as the frigid cold temperatures that are so common of Midwestern winters begin to melt away, we want to spend as much time outdoors to make up for the time we spent cooped up inside trying to stay warm. However, we’re not the only ones with this idea. When the snow melts and the springtime sun begins to peak out from the clouds, bees, wasps, and other stinging insects begin to emerge as well.

At Frame’s Pest Control, our Toledo stinging insect control experts have over 125 years of combined experience. We are also all Associate Certified Entomologists which means that we understand the unique habits and traits of bugs—and how to effectively rid them from your property. Despite being a local, family owned company, we’ve grown to become one of the largest in Northwest Ohio. When we arrive at your property, we will have the proper equipment and tools necessary to get the job done on the spot.

Don’t be stung by inexperience. Instead, give our highly qualified team of certified pest control technicians a call at (800) 954-5724 or contact us online.

Why Stinging Insects Are Dangerous

The world needs wasps and bees to exist. Without them, our ecosystem suffers because they aid in pollination. However, these insects also pose serious threats to your health and to your property.

Each year, nearly half a million people are sent to the emergency room due to a bee or wasp sting. For those that are allergic, these stings have the potential to be life threatening. If you’re not allergic, you’ll still be left with a red, swollen welt that can cause severe discomfort until it fully heals.

If you’re dealing with an infestation of carpenter bees, you’re looking at potential property damage. In order to find a safe place to nest and lay their eggs, carpenter bees chew into wood, which can weaken the structural integrity of your property if you don’t take action quickly enough.

In addition to any exterior structural damage, honeybees can cause severe interior damage. Should they start to form a hive inside your walls, it can cause major property damage that is costly to repair. Worse, the sweet scent of the honey will attract other insects to your home; soon you’ll be dealing with multiple infestations.

Types of Stinging Insects We Treat

There are many stinging insects, all with unique habitats, food preferences, appearances, and more. Because there are so many out there, our Toledo stinging insect control specialists focus on the ones more commonly found in the Northwest Ohio area.

These include:

  • Hornets
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Yellow jackets

Our Approach to Stinging Insect Control

In order to ensure we provide the proper treatment for the type of infestation you have, we will perform a thorough inspection of your property first. We will provide you with a written account of our findings and discuss them with you so you fully understand the extent of the infestation and our recommendations for treatment.

During our inspection, we will take special care to note any locations of hives or nests as well as anything that might be attracting these insects to your property. Because we always arrive with the proper safety equipment, we will safely remove any nests or hives we spot. After that, we will treat your home with a scientific solution that rids your property of the insects and prevents their return in the same season.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Frame’s Pest Control, we’re committed to providing quality pest control at affordable prices. In addition to free estimates, we’ll waive the cost of inspection if we perform a service that same day. Additionally, we aren’t the type of company that will force you to navigate through a system of automated messages when you call. You’ll speak to a live member of our team and each and every time.

We operate with honesty and integrity. Call (800) 954-5724 or contact us online to rid your home of stinging insects today.

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