Mosquito Control

Don’t Let Them Suck the Fun Out

Whether you’re throwing a party, wedding, reunion, or just want to spend time outdoors, you never want to worry about mosquitos. Additionally, constantly layering on mosquito repellent or placing citronella candles throughout your space can put a damper on things. Instead, call Frame's Pest Control, Inc. for mosquito control services. We’ve assisted numerous home and business owners by preventing mosquitos from sucking the fun out. Through the use of a highly effective barrier spray method, you can enjoy the outdoors once again.

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Prevention & Elimination Tailored to Your Property’s Specific Needs

Because each property and infestation is different, when you call our pros, we will first perform a thorough inspection to locate any active breeding sites or potential ones in your yard/outdoor space. We will also discuss ways to eliminate things that attract mosquitos to your property.

Because they are attracted to moist, damp places, we typically recommend that property owners:

  • Remove any standing water
  • Maintain grass and plants through proper trimming
  • Get rid of any objects where water pools, such as buckets or tarps, and any water bowls or bird baths
  • Plant foliage known to repel or not attract mosquitos

Our inspections tell us which places would be best to place our barrier spray.

Why Is It Important to Eliminate & Prevent Mosquitos?

Getting bit by a mosquito is quite annoying. The red, raised welt one creates is also extremely itchy, leaving you uncomfortable until it heals. However, mosquitos also carry varying dangerous diseases.

Some of the common diseases mosquitos are capable of transmitting to humans are:

  • West Nile Virus: This is usually characterized by flu-like symptoms, such as body and headaches, fevers, with more severe symptoms being neck stiffness, muscle weakness, and a feeling of disorientation.
  • Zika virus: An emerging illness, the symptoms of this virus are a skin rash and a fever, usually paired with conjunctivitis. Zika is also believed to cause birth defects.
  • Yellow fever: Although this is more common in tropical regions, and not so much in America, it’s still important to be cautious. Those infected with this tend to become jaundiced.
  • Malaria: Although it has been eradicated in the United States since the 1940s, malaria still continues to infect a massive amount of people throughout Africa. Fortunately, malaria is both preventable and treatable.
  • Encephalitis: Starting as a virus that then invades the central nervous system and results in inflammation of the brain, encephalitis is one of the most dangerous illnesses transmitted by mosquitos. Typically, mosquitos spread Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), because they feed on horses, carry it, and transmit it when they bite a human after.

Our Master Mosquito Program

When you contact Frame's Pest Control, Inc. for mosquito control, we will send a trained technician to your property to treat your yard and plants with a highly effective barrier spray. Depending on your property and the type of application needed, we will use either backpacks or power sprayers for precision. During this treatment, we will specifically target any high grass, shrubs, and plants.

What makes our barrier spray so effective is the use of synthetic forms of pyrethrins, called pyrethroids. Pyrethrins are naturally occurring and can be found in chrysanthemum flowers. Synthetic versions are commonly found in insect control products, such as pet shampoos, lice shampoos, sprays, and household insecticides. Therefore, this spray is also effective on fleas, ticks, and some flies.

We Cover Special Events Too

Planning a special party located outdoors but afraid of mosquitos dampening the fun? We can help. Our pest control experts can arrive at your property in advance, apply a spray, and ensure that you and your guests are protected. This process is quick and takes no more than 30 minutes.

Don’t let these bloodsuckers be fun suckers. Call Frame's Pest Control, Inc. at (800) 954-5724 and let us put our experience to work for you.

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