Occasional Invaders

Occasional Invaders

Getting Rid of the Visitors You Don’t Want During the Holidays

Many seasonal invaders can be difficult to treat once they move into your home for the winter months. Taking preventative measures is key to minimizing the effects these pests can have on your home and patience.

Frame's Pest Control, Inc. recommends two exterior treatments, in early and late fall, to maintain a barrier that will help keep these occasional invaders from moving in. If they have already settled in, there are also effective interior treatments that can help. When you work with our experts, we can develop a plan that is best suited for your home and location.

For more information about our occasional invader control services, give us a call at (800) 954-5724 or contact us online. We serve customers in Toledo and Ann Arbor.

Types of Occasional Invaders We Treat

Some of the most common occasional invaders we treat include but are not limited to:

Boxelder Bugs

These black bugs with red and orange markings are common in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Gathering in large masses in the fall before migrating to homes and buildings means boxelder bug infestation can easily happen if preventative measures are not taken. If you find these occasional invaders in the cracks and crevices of your walls during the winter, call us for removal.

Boxelder bugs are not known to bite but can leave red marks on the skin that are similar to mosquito bites because of their strong mouthpieces that are used for sucking. When squashed, these pests can leave a reddish substance that can stain clothing.

Asian Lady Beetles

Also known as Asian ladybugs, these insects are beneficial outdoors because they feed on plant-eating insects that can destroy crops. However, they can be bothersome indoors, and multi-colored Asian lady beetles may even aggravate asthma symptoms in some people. That alone is a good reason to take proper measures and prevent a ladybug infestation.

In addition, they excrete a foul-smelling fluid when smashed, which can also stain surfaces. Once ladybugs are in your house, they can often be controlled using traps, but it is better to have the external treatment in the fall in order to avoid their presence indoors in the first place.

Stink Bugs

These common fruit-eating bugs are grayish-brown and slightly smaller than a penny. Known to move indoors during the winter, this seasonal pest gets its name from the pungent odor it releases when squashed. Stink bug traps and repellant are common forms of control, but a stink bug infestation requires professional removal and extermination, which we also offer.

Leaf Footed Bugs

Not to be confused with bed bugs, this seasonal pest gets its name from its characteristic leaf-shaped back legs. Though they normally stay outdoors, these bugs are known to seek shelter indoors during the winter months—particularly in beds.

We recommend controlling leaf footed bugs by using exterior treatments in the fall.

Remember, protecting against occasional invaders early is the best form of defense against having seasonal pests in your home this winter.

To learn more about our exterior treatments and which insects they can protect your home from, contact Frame's Pest Control, Inc. today at (800) 954-5724 and get a free quote.

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