Pests That May Invade Your HVAC System

Your heating and air conditioning equipment requires a lot of maintenance. That’s why on top of standard HVAC care, you definitely don’t want to have to deal with pest problems, too. Unfortunately, there are a few nasty insects and vermin that may take up residence in your AC unit or heating system, potentially causing problems that can affect the comfort of your entire household. Keep reading to learn how to identify pests that may invade your HVAC system, courtesy of our experienced pros at Frame’s Pest Control.

The 4 Types of Pests Most Likely to Damage Your HVAC Equipment

  1. Mice: Mice are probably the most common type of pests to damage HVAC equipment, as they often create nests inside your system’s ductwork. This leads to indoor air pollution from food, droppings, and even viruses they carry being spread around your home. Mice can also create electrical fires in your HVAC equipment by nesting in/chewing on the wires, and because they will gnaw on anything, they may also damage insulation and sealing. To protect your air quality and safety, watch out for funny smells and sudden malfunctions coming from your heating and cooling equipment, and call Frame’s right away for rodent control if you suspect you have a mice problem.
  2. Cockroaches: Roaches are known for infesting dank, dark places, and because they can fit their bodies through the tiniest cracks and crevices, they sometimes make a home in HVAC units. You can often hear roaches scurrying around in your heating and cooling equipment, so pay attention if you catch random noises coming from your heater or air conditioner. While rodents do not necessarily create a ton of damage, they do leave behind droppings and diseases that are extremely bad for your indoor air quality, which is why you should always call for cockroach control ASAP at the first sign of an infestation.
  3. Ants: While ants are more typically associated with infesting kitchens, where they can find food, they may also venture into your AC unit because they are attracted to the electromagnetic field created by the condenser. Although ants may seem like less dangerous insects on the surface, they can cause a ton of damage if they decide to make a home in your condenser. Try to keep your house as moisture-free as possible, as excess water always attracts ants and other pests, and if you see a trail of these insects leading in or out of your HVAC unit, call for service immediately.
  4. Raccoons & Other Wildlife: Raccoons have been known to nest in exterior HVAC units, creating electrical problems, damaging ventilation, and blocking air circulation. Try to keep your trash cans away from your exterior property and make sure they are not overflowing, as this is an invitation for raccoons to invade. While raccoons can do some of the most damage to your exterior units, simply because of their size, they are not the only type of wildlife to watch out for when it comes to your HVAC equipment. Snakes and various types or rodents have also been known to make their way into heating and cooling systems, often seeking shelter from the cold in ductwork. The good news is that while not all pest control providers also offer wildlife control, you can count on Frame’s Pest Control to get rid of wildlife promptly, and implement solutions so it does not return in the future.

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