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 In Business for 50 Years
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Flexible Scheduling

Expert Bed Bug Treatment You Can Trust in Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio

A good night’s sleep is important to your health, but next to impossible when you suspect you have a bed bug infestation. These nocturnal insects crawl into bed with you and feed on your blood during the night, leaving clusters of bites on your exposed skin for you to find in the morning. DIY treatments are rarely effective at complete bed bug removal and can expose your family and pets to toxic chemicals. The experienced professionals at Frame’s Pest Control have highly effective bed bug treatment methods that will eliminate these annoying bed bugs and allow you to return to peaceful slumber

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How to Identify if Bed Bugs Are Present

Bed bugs are tiny, which makes them difficult to spot. They also hide anywhere they can fit, which includes behind light switches, wall art, and baseboards. However, when you know what to look for, you can discover you have a problem and quickly get expert help, such as that provided by Frame’s. Common indications that you may have bed bugs in your home include:

  • Reddish-brown bugs the size of an apple seed .
  • A musty odor that doesn’t appear to have a source.
  • Tiny blood smears on your sheets.
  • Small dark flecks of droppings in the seams of sheets and mattresses.
  • Tiny yellowish flakes, which are from bed bugs shedding their skin.
  • Clusters of 3-4 bites, often in a linear or zig-zag pattern, found on your arms, hands, face, and neck.

Flexible Scheduling Available

No one wants to live with bed bugs any longer than necessary, so we offer flexible scheduling, including same-day, next-day, and Saturday appointments (when available). Our company has over 50 years of experience and will provide reliable and effective bed bug treatment options.

When you partner with Frame’s for bed bug control, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive bed bug inspection to determine where these pests are hiding.
  • Recommendations for the most affordable and effective treatment options based on your situation.
  • Clear communication on what to expect and necessary preparations for treatment.
  • A follow-up inspection to confirm bed bugs are gone.
  • Bed bug encasements for your mattress and box spring.
  • The option of recurring monthly inspections.

Bed Bug Treatment Options to Fit Your Needs

At Frame’s Pest Control, we recognize that a single treatment plan doesn’t work for all home or family situations. Because of that, we have customizable plans that will both eliminate the current infestation and temporarily protect against reinfestation, leaving you bed bug-free.

Our bed bug control options consist of:

  • Conventional remediation program, involving 2 treatments to your entire home using a variety of advanced products and techniques has proven to eradicate bed bugs. This treatment option includes mattress and box spring encasements. In order for it to be as effective as possible, proper preparation must be completed before treatment. Following the 2 treatments, our technicians conduct a 3rd visit consisting of an inspection and spot treatment to ensure the infestation has been removed.
  • Heat bed bug remediation program, using heat machines to raise the temperature of your home to one that is lethal to the pests, but safe for your possessions. Conventional products are used to spot-treat resistant areas. This option is advantageous when traditional preparations are difficult to perform. This treatment includes mattress and box spring encasements, and a follow-up visit to ensure the infestation has been fully extinguished.
  • Biopesticide remediation program, consisting of 2 treatments using a cutting-edge biopesticide containing fungal spores that attack and kill bed bugs in all life cycle stages. This treatment also includes a 3rd treatment consisting of an inspection and spot treatment. Spot treatments with conventional products are used as necessary. This natural treatment minimizes chemical exposure for those with sensitivities to conventional products. Mattress and box spring encasements are included in this treatment option. 

Bed Bug Prevention Guide

Bed bug infestations usually start when the pesky critters hitch their way into your home without your knowledge. It's a myth that you can only pick them up in sketchy motels and other messy and dirty environments, as bed bugs can thrive in clean surroundings. Following these tips can reduce the chance of you accidentally bringing these pests home. 

  • When traveling, completely inspect the mattress, baseboards, and other furniture of your lodgings.
  • Avoid using the floor or an extra bed as a luggage rack and keep your luggage away from the walls.
  • Immediately wash clothing and clean luggage upon returning from a trip.
  • Run anything that can’t or doesn’t need to be washed in your dryer for 15 minutes at the highest setting before putting it away.
  • Thoroughly check used items before bringing them into your home, including couches, clothing, mattresses, dressers, and electronics.
  • Enroll in a recurring bed bugs inspection plan, like the one offered by Frame’s Pest Control, to catch infestations early. 

Cutting-Edge Service

As a local pest control company, Frame’s has been protecting families in Northern Ohio and Southeast Michigan since 1972. Despite being in business for over 50 years, we are constantly adapting our products and techniques to better serve you. You can trust us to provide the area’s most comprehensive services while keeping the safety of your family and pets in mind.

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Areas We Service in Northern Ohio and Southeast Michigan

As a third-generation locally-owned and operated pest control company, we’ve been serving this area for over 50 years. With a service area that spans 2 states, we are dedicated to the tight-knit communities that we support.

5 Star Review

Had a bad mouse problem. I mean, really bad. I couldn't catch them humanely so called Frame's. After about two weeks, never saw another mouse! I can keep bread, noodles and all in my cupboards. Again, and my dog food cost dropped in half! ♥️ This company! They are a must for country living!

Karen Bridge
5 Star Review

Awesome service. They were very prompt and informative upon sign up, they scheduled around the customers lifestyle, and the technician come out and talk about the home after what’s been done and let you know cause and effects are when it comes to insects and treatments. If there is a possibility to request a technician I would go with Matt.

Luke Brooks
5 Star Review

Technicians are fast and friendly. Frame has always done a thorough job at a fair price for their services.

Joshua Knack
Ohio Office
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