About Frame's Pest Control, Inc.

Over 50 Years of Service, Knowledge & Experience Combined

Frame’s Pest Control is and always has been a family-owned and focused business; dedicated to giving the best pest control experience in the industry.

In 1972, Shorty and Mary Ellen Frame, a navy veteran from Southeast Michigan and a farmer’s daughter from Northwest Ohio, took their tree servicing business and converted it into Frame’s Pest Control, a full service pest control company formed in their backyard. While grandkids ran through the yard, Shorty, Mary Ellen, their kids and their found-family of employees, turned Frame’s into the largest family-owned pest control companies in the area.

After decades of hard work, Shorty and Mary Ellen prepared to retire. They took that opportunity to pass Frame’s Pest Control to their kids, who continued to grow and expand the business, servicing areas as far as southeast Michigan, northwest Ohio, and parts of northeast Indiana. As they developed the business, they outgrew the family backyard, leading to a move to our current headquarters in Sylvania, OH. When the grandkids became old enough, they started helping out in the field and at the office, doing everything from pulling hoses to filing paperwork. Some eventually became service technicians and office managers.

Frames Pest Tech spraying house

Why You Should Choose Us

Now, after fifty years of business and with the second generation retired, Shorty and Mary Ellen’s grandchildren have continued the work of their grandparents and parents. We often wonder what Shorty and Mary Ellen must think, looking at the business they started over 50 years ago. Over 20 family members have worked for and continue the work that began five decades ago in Frame’s backyard, still owned by one of their grandchildren. As the larger Frame’s Pest Control family has grown to include more than three dozen field technicians and more than half a dozen office personnel, our field range has expanded to cover all of northern Ohio.

The goal at Frame’s is to make everyone we deal with seem like they are part of the family. We hope that you will join us on our journey. No one person is perfect but we hope that, as we all partner together, we can achieve more than any individual on their own. We would be honored to partner with you.

Your Frame’s Family

Frames Pest Control Team
5 Star Review

Great company! My family has been doing business with them for 40 years!!

Kevin Rantanen
5 Star Review

They are the go to for any and all of your unwanted guests, there is a reason they are so busy, they are the one I use and recommended.

Todd L
5 Star Review

Technicians are fast and friendly. Frame has always done a thorough job at a fair price for their services.

Joshua Knack