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Proper rodent control is essential to protecting your property and your family’s health. Pest control services should be used as soon as a mice or rat infestation is noticed. Defecating and urinating rats and mice not only create terrible odor and damage to your home, but they also spread parasites that, in turn, spread disease.

Rat and mice excrement is just one way these little creatures can damage property. Rodents are known to chew through nearly anything—from clothing to electrical wires—destroying important documents, woodwork, and even putting your home or building at risk for electrical fires.

At Frame's Pest Control, Inc., our team of experts, with extensive experience in rodent extermination, provides thorough service. We won’t just take care of your rodent infestation now, we’ll also protect you from future attacks.

For service in Toledo or Ann Arbor, give us a call at (800) 954-5724 or contact us online.

Trapping & Removing Rodents

Our experts use the traditional methods of baiting and trapping for rodent control, backed by years of experience and excellent technology. Our pest control technicians know rodent behavior and hiding patterns. That’s why we strategically place rodent traps and mice deterrents to help prevent reentry.

Trapping is an effective form of rodent control, but it may require several return visits depending on activity. Traps are strategically located and checked at regular intervals, with rodents being removed and activity documented.

Baiting is the fastest and most cost-effective form of rodent extermination. Whenever possible, this is our top recommendation. Baiting can take several days to work, depending on the size of the rodent infestation, but usually requires only one visit.

Pets & Humans: Safe Rodent Control

While rodent control is a top priority, so is the safety of your family and pets. Our pest control technicians place all bait in tamper-resistant stations to ensure no children or pets have access.

In addition to ensuring complete extermination of rodents, trapping is also environmentally friendly.

Additional Resources

Our technicians are members of the Michigan Pest Management Association and the Ohio Pest Management Association, which means we have the training and experience necessary to understand why it is necessary to remove rodents and the most effective ways to do so.

For more information, we’ve provided the following resources:

Top Quality Rodent Control in Toledo & Ann Arbor

Frame's Pest Control, Inc.’s service technicians have more than 125 years of combined experience in providing effective rodent control. We provide complete rodent extermination services for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers.

If you’re battling an infestation, call our experts at (800) 954-5724 for help today!

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