Do I Really Need to Treat for Termites in Winter?


Wintertime is usually when most animals, including insects and rodents, hibernate to withstand the harsh cold. Unfortunately, this does not apply to termites and they can pose significant threats to your property if it hasn’t been properly treated. In order to ensure you’re protected, our termite control experts at Frame's Pest Control, Inc. have put together information explaining why getting termite treatment in winter is especially important.

Why Do Termites Pose Threats of Damage in the Winter?

Termites are species that do not rest when the colder temperatures hit. However, they do seek out warmer temperatures. Therefore, subterranean termites are especially dangerous. Because they already burrow underground and feed 24/7, they can tunnel deep beneath your home’s foundation, causing severe property damage that’s quite costly to repair. In fact, we’ve found that termites tend to cause more damage in the winter due to this than they do in the spring and summertime when they leave their tunnels in search of new places to build colonies.

Winter Treatments Prevent Infestations

Termites are attracted to wood and other fibrous materials, which means that they will seek out any trees, wood decks, or piles of wood within one inch of the ground level. This means that your home’s foundation is especially vulnerable to destruction without proper treatment. Additionally, termites tend to wait until the ground is cooler before they search for new places to live.

When you treat for termites in the winter, you can prevent infestations from occurring in the first place.

Our Termite Treatment Methods

At Frame's Pest Control, Inc., our termite control specialists are concerned with preventing termites from having access to your property in the first place.

We utilize the following treatment methods to prevent winter termite infestations:

  • Termite soil treatment: An easy and inexpensive treatment method, we place treatment within your soil to help prevent the spread of colonies and ward off any termites seeking access to your property. This treatment method is long-lasting too.
  • Chemical foundation barrier treatment: This is a one-time, long-lasting solution. During this method, we will drill holes at intervals of six inches throughout the perimeter. These same holes are placed at four-inch intervals within your home. This barrier prevents termites from accessing your property and causing costly damage.
  • Sentricon® termite baiting stations: We are one of the only pest control companies in the area that offers this treatment method. Because termites prefer Sentricon® bait 10 times more than any other treatment method out there, we place several bait stations throughout your property. As the termites come into contact with the bait station, they become covered in the acting agent, noviflumoron, which prevents termites from molting and eventually kills them. Any termite who contacts the bait station can spread this agent throughout the colony, eventually killing it off entirely.

Before we begin applying any treatment method, we will perform a full inspection of your property to determine whether you’re already dealing with an infestation. Depending on our findings, we may suggest treatment for both the interior and exterior of your property.

You can rest assured that all of our treatment methods are safe and eco-friendly.

Our team has over 125 years of combined experience and we are Associate Certified Entomologists. To schedule termite control in ToledoAnn Arbor, or the surrounding areas call (419) 495-8283 or contact us online.

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