The 3 Best Ways To Protect Your Seasonal Clothing From Pests

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As winter approaches, it is customary to switch out the shirts and shorts you’ve been wearing in the summertime for the sweaters and pants you’ve had in storage. Unfortunately, when you store summer clothes for the winter, or vice versa, you create an opportunity for pests to cause serious damage. Obviously, moths are the biggest concern, though there are certain types of beetles that feast on fabric as well. Rodents are also known to feed and make their nests in unused clothing from time to time. Keep reading to learn the 3 best ways to protect seasonal clothing from pests, and remember that Frame’s Pest Control is available year-round for all your pest control needs.

Wash Your Clothes Before Putting Them In Storage 

Over time, all our clothing accumulates organic stains from body oils. These oils can seriously attract moths and other insects, which is why you should launder your clothing or have it professionally dry-cleaned before putting it away for the season. Not only will this keep your clothes looking great, but it will also get rid of any potential moth eggs that have been laid in your outfits (the same goes for bedding, too). Remember, DO NOT use starches or fabric softeners on clothes you are going to put in storage, as these products contain chemicals that can attract insects.

Use Cedar Or Other Natural Repellents 

Traditional repellents that were used to keep insects away from clothing, such as mothballs, have fallen out of favor due to their noxious smells. Some mothballs also used to contain a compound called naphthalene, which can have negative side effects on your health. However, there are many natural alternatives to chemical repellents that can be used to keep your clothes fresh. The most well-known of these is cedar. This is why cedar closets are such a coveted feature in homes. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a cedar closet, you can still purchase cedar balls, chips, or blocks to store with your clothing. Another great option to keep insects away from clothing is to make your own sachets, using a combination of lavender and cedar to get the job done.

Store Clothes In Clear, Weatherproof Containers 

Boxing up your clothes in cardboard will do little to keep them safe during off-seasons. Not only does cardboard often accumulate mildew growth, it is also easy for rodents to chew through, giving mice and rats the perfect opportunity to use your clothing to make themselves a nest. Instead, if you are going to box your clothes up, purchase clear, plastic containers with weatherproof lids. These containers are both an efficient and secure way to store clothing, and will help to keep away rodents, insects, and larvae, as pests are generally more attracted to dank, dark environments.

What To Do If You Spot Pests In Your Stored Clothing

If you suspect that pests have invaded your stored clothing, it is crucial to partner with an experienced pest control company. DIY methods of pest removal can not only ruin your clothing, but they can also be harmful to your family and pets. At Frame’s Pest Control, we have over 50 years of eliminating pest infestations of all kinds. For more information on our pest removal programs, schedule an appointment, or call Frame’s Pest Control now at (419) 495-8283.

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