Top 5 Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

bed bug on fabric

Bed bugs are a nightmare for any property owner. They prefer warm weather, but can survive in almost any climate. They also aren’t seasonal, and are extremely hard to spot with the human eye. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to get rid of bed bugs without a licensed professional. Keep reading to learn the top signs of a bed bug infestation, and make sure to always call our experienced experts at Frame’s Pest Control to get rid of bed bugs ASAP.

Red Bite Marks

The first and most alarming sign you may have a bed bug problem is the itchy, red welts they create on your skin. Bed bugs feed off human blood to survive, leaving little red bites in their wake. While traditional bug bites, such as what you would get from a mosquito, tend to be spread across your body, bed bug bite marks are usually left in a straight line or small cluster. These nasty creatures will keep biting as long as they have a food source, and they will happily attack anywhere on your body, so never hesitate to call a professional if you suspect you are dealing with bed bugs in your home.

Reddish-Brown Stains

When bed bugs bite you, they may leave some blood behind, where the bite mark occurred. So if you are waking up with mysterious bites and little red stains on your pillow, you are almost certainly dealing with a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Eggs, Skins & Feces: 

Once bed bugs move in, they tend to make themselves at home by leaving traces of themselves wherever they go. This may include eggs, which will look like small white balls. When they shed their skin, you may find dried remnants as well. These casings range in size and color but are generally light brown. And finally, you may also notice gross little flecks of digested blood—these are bed bug feces, and are generally rust or black-colored.

A Musty, Sweet Smell

A lesser-known sign of bed bug infestations is the unpleasant sweet odor they give off. This scent may remind you of a musty, wet sock-like odor. Assuming you don’t have an existing mold problem in your house, this smell often heralds a major bed bug problem, so make sure you call for pest control right away if you pick it up—especially if it is accompanied by any of the signs mentioned above.

Bugs in Your Bed or Elsewhere in Your Home

To reiterate, bed bugs are very small, and often hard to spot. However, you may be able to find them in the seams of your mattress, or other crevices in your bedding. But remember, bed bugs don’t just hide out in beds. They can live in pretty much any fabric, from carpeting to drapery to couch cushions. They may also hide out in drawers, lampshades, wall sockets, and other tiny openings throughout your home. Bottom line: if you see one bed bug, there are surely more where that came from, so always call a professional as soon as you notice the signs of an infestation.

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